118 Board combined with the amazing pumpability, surprisingly agile, great manoeuvrability, and very forgiving 82/1100 Onda combines to be the best entry to Wingfoiling.

The 118 board has excellent volume and stability, and is very light, in fact the complete combination is lighter than some foils from other manufacturers

The 1100 cm is a big wing that will plane very early, yet has amazing pumpability, is surprisingly agile, has great manoeuvrability, is very forgiving with great glide efficiency and is FAST! 

"The great thing is because of the good pumping you can stay up flying almost indefinitely". 

This surprisingly light outfit will make you ride the open ocean swell with no need for a breaking wave. This foil is ideal to surf small waves and thanks to its speed and pumpability will always put you in the right spot

We think the 118/82-1100 is the best windwing foil kit out there and is supplied complete with board bags, and all wing,foil, mast and stabiliser covers.

Complete Kit 118/ 82 - 1100 Carbon Onda

was £3,499.00




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