Sabfoil Medusa PRO 669 | T8 Hydrofoil Front Wing


Surface: 548 cm2 AR: 8,14 Wingspan: 669 mm Volume: 424 cm3


Recommended forFast Freeride - Freeride - Freestyle - Freestyle Pro - Wave

Wing-Fuselage ConnectionT8

Take Off Speed16 - 18 kn  Top End Speed (average 80kg user)31 - 33 kn

The Medusa PRO line is a concentrate of speed and power with a twist on design.Designed specifically for superior acceleration and high top speeds, the Medusa PRO line features incredible pop, and, thanks to the super strong T8 connection, it proves to be the ideal choice for Power Freestyle sessions and the execution of advanced aerial maneuvers.

These features also make it a must-have product for all those who wish to Freeride and Freerace while cruising at maximum speed and stability with T8 fuselages.

The Medusa PRO 669 front wing finds its best use in Wing, Wind,and Kite foiling in strong to very strong wind conditions (up to above 40 knots), and is also able to offer great emotions during Surf foil sessions.



Medusa Pro 669 PF




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