Sabfoil Reverse 395 Pro Finish | Hydrofoil Stabilizer


Surface: 198 cm2

AR: 8,08

Wingspan: 400 mm

Chord: 64,96 mm

Range Reverse

Stabilizer-Fuselage Connection Standard

Recommended with front wings 600 - 1400 cm2

Thanks to the slim profile and the accentuated reverse dihedral angle, this stabilizer is designed for those looking for excellent performance in terms of speed and directionality. The design also provides great maneuverability and makes it ideal for carving.

The S395/PF is hand sanded to achieve a matte surface with 0-thickness graphics, the SAB Pro Finish, for an elegant Made in Italy product with maximum performance.

Dimensions & Advanced specs

Stabilizer - Span 400 mm

Stabilizer - Surface 198 cm2

Stabilizer - Root Chord 64,96 mm

Stabilizer - Aspect Ratio  8,08

Stabilizer - Maximum Thickness 7,21 mm

Stabilizer - Volume 87 cm3

Stabilizer - Weight (ca.) 134,5 g

Stabilizer - Material Full Carbon (coreless)

S395PF Reverse 395




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