From beginner to expert, ultra all round model

This design was sparked by team riders that were looking for the versatility of the jonagold model but with added volume for surfing the days that they usually would pick their longboard.

We took the basic design from the Jonagold and started adding length and a rounder nose. The back end of the big apple remained the same as the Jonagold. A wide planing area for maximum drive, but with a decent amount of V in the bottom, to keep it lose. To add to the versatility, we put in 4 normal fin boxes, plus a US box in the center. So you can surf this board in any fin setup you can imagine!

The Perfect companion for any advanced surfer looking for a new feeling but also stable enough to be your first proper surfboard after the lesson soft top. A board that you just never outgrow. With The big apple you can get into the wave early, do a stylish round house and still have enough nose width to do hang fives on. You can’t wish for more from one single surfboard!

When ordering a board custom from us, or any dealer you can choose the following options:

  • custom dims, maximum 6’4″ in length
  • standard diamond tail, but anything goes, as long as it’s wide
  • Futures or FCS-2 fin boxes
  • custom color work
  • name, phone number or anything else written on the stringer
  • channels

The Big Apple



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